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Exotic Goodness #2

Hello everyone, as promise in my last post (click here to see my Exotic Goodness #1) I am going to introduce and share my love on another dish from Sabah which is actually a fruit, "Buah Tarap"


This marvellous fruit only comes in season during the end of the year to the beginning of New Years, this fruit is not only popular among the locals but to the wild animals like Musang aka Malaysian Weasels. One knows the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked when one can smell the fragrant of the fruit from the tree, the locals will then climb the tall tree to get the fruit as it will not survive the drop due to it's soft outer layer. The skin of the fruits is easily peeled open without a knife, it's outlook resembles a Jack Fruit (Buah Nangka) but not as tough as the Jack Fruits skin which requires a knife to peel it.
The meat of the fruits is fragrantly sweet, the texture takes some time in getting used to it resembles the gesture of a Jack Fruit but much softer. The m…

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