Summer Break

Summer break is stereotypically sun, beaches or holidays, I think, not many will indulge in a village holiday. It's not as bad as many might think, imagine waking up to cold fresh air, beautiful mountains and away from the city noises; personally it's unlike any other. To many of my city friends, I am enjoying my time here, away from all the negativity, pollution and insecurity of life.  Some may say I am only here to be with my boyfriend, I can't deny that isn't one of the reasons but it is also a retreat for me to unwind and find myself.

A reset button if you may; a reset to life, it has taught me to appreciate many things I have in life. We humans are never satisfy with what we have, constantly craving and wanting more; power, money and pride. What have these things gave us? Happiness; are we fully content with it? Honestly, we are only content with it temporarily, with a lil time we will get bored and look for the next best thing in life. Do not get me wrong I thin…

East Meets West.

Hello everybody!!! I'm Eileen from Monkey Loves Makeup, that blog was originally created for beauty base posts but nevertheless it has been cluttered with other post that I have posted. So, I decided to open a new one here dedicated to food, travel and lifestyle posts. The name 'When East Meets West' was inspired by my relationship with my boyfriend, Constantine. He is from the Eastern part of Malaysia Tambunan, Sabah; a local from the Kadazan Dusun tribe. I am from the Western part of Malaysia, born and raised in Johor Bahru, Johor. So I decided to combine or traits and come up with this name.

This is more of a carefree blog where I pour out my thoughts, opinions and experience with all out you. Pictures that I have taken in my adventures here and there, I hope that many would enjoy this and if there is a request for me to blog in Bahasa Malaysia I will do so too. So start leaving comments to tell me about it.

I do have a list of things I want to show many of you but stay…