Summer Break

Summer break is stereotypically sun, beaches or holidays, I think, not many will indulge in a village holiday. It's not as bad as many might think, imagine waking up to cold fresh air, beautiful mountains and away from the city noises; personally it's unlike any other. To many of my city friends, I am enjoying my time here, away from all the negativity, pollution and insecurity of life.  Some may say I am only here to be with my boyfriend, I can't deny that isn't one of the reasons but it is also a retreat for me to unwind and find myself.

A reset button if you may; a reset to life, it has taught me to appreciate many things I have in life. We humans are never satisfy with what we have, constantly craving and wanting more; power, money and pride. What have these things gave us? Happiness; are we fully content with it? Honestly, we are only content with it temporarily, with a lil time we will get bored and look for the next best thing in life. Do not get me wrong I think it is good as well, to ensure that we keep fighting, not settling for less and create a friendly competition with each other; but aren't you tired of it?

Thus, I choose to come here to rewind. Many asked why? Why didn't I just go home; a beautiful city home, comfy beds, hot water, air-conditioning and most importantly Wi-Fi connection. Well, I feel more stress back home; constantly being bombarded with questions like, why aren't you graduated, what is taking you so long, why are you so useless, can't you see all your friends and cousins have graduated, what is wrong with you.

Here, I can be myself and enjoy. Learn the hardship in life, learn the basic art of survival with very little. Thus, begin my summer break. I'll check in and write as much as I can, I hope many of you enjoy this read.


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