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Summer Break

Summer break is stereotypically sun, beaches or holidays, I think, not many will indulge in a village holiday. It's not as bad as many might think, imagine waking up to cold fresh air, beautiful mountains and away from the city noises; personally it's unlike any other. To many of my city friends, I am enjoying my time here, away from all the negativity, pollution and insecurity of life.  Some may say I am only here to be with my boyfriend, I can't deny that isn't one of the reasons but it is also a retreat for me to unwind and find myself.

A reset button if you may; a reset to life, it has taught me to appreciate many things I have in life. We humans are never satisfy with what we have, constantly craving and wanting more; power, money and pride. What have these things gave us? Happiness; are we fully content with it? Honestly, we are only content with it temporarily, with a lil time we will get bored and look for the next best thing in life. Do not get me wrong I thin…